TextBar - Mac App

TextBar is a tiny but powerful app that lets you add any text to your MenuBar.



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“TextBar is an awesome app which solves a problem that I have been struggling with for at least three years” - MacStories.net

“[it] takes a little messing around with before you find a use for it, but it’s well worth the time” - lifehacker

“Download trial is 7 days, but I bought it within 2 because it is worth the $$.” - RodgerW6021

Key Features:

  • Configure TextBar to run scripts/commands/… and display the results in your menubar.
    • Weather, Disk Space, Wifi SSID, …
  • Quickly copy the text to your clipboard or configure your own action scripts (see TextBar Actions).
  • Enable/disable each item individually.
  • Configure how often you want each item to be updated.
  • Configure whether you want to be notified when the text changes.
  • Drag/Drop reordering in the Preferences table.
  • Dynamic script control
  • Web menus
  • Chart menus
  • WebView menu items
  • More details here: New for v3.2.2
  • More details here: New for v3
  • More details here: New for v2


TextBar - Recipes [Contributions welcome!]


TextBar is limited by the available space in your MenuBar - which is dependent on screen resolution and the number of other items being displayed. If you find that you run out of MenuBar space, then MacBartender is a fantastic app to free some space.

Minimum System Requirements

Intel, 64-bit processor, macOS 10.10 or later.