TextBar - Mac App

TextBar is a tiny but powerful app that lets you add any text to your MenuBar.

Major new version available - v3. No upgrade fee.

Details here

Want to monitor TextBar from multiple machines on the web - see TextBar Live.



Download app v3.5.6 || Purchase

Note - App Signing:

I’ve renewed my app signing certificate, which may require you to manually download v3.5.6 and install - instead of the auto-update being able to work. All future updates (from v3.5.6 forwards) will use this new certificate, so should download automatically from the base of v3.5.6. Sorry for any inconvenience.

“TextBar is an awesome app which solves a problem that I have been struggling with for at least three years” - MacStories.net

“[it] takes a little messing around with before you find a use for it, but it’s well worth the time” - lifehacker

“Download trial is 7 days, but I bought it within 2 because it is worth the $$.” - RodgerW6021

Key Features:

  • Configure TextBar to run scripts/commands/… and display the results in your menubar.
    • Weather, Disk Space, Wifi SSID, …
  • Quickly copy the text to your clipboard or configure your own action scripts (see TextBar Actions).
  • Enable/disable each item individually.
  • Configure how often you want each item to be updated.
  • Configure whether you want to be notified when the text changes.
  • Drag/Drop reordering in the Preferences table.
  • Dynamic script control
  • Web menus
  • Chart menus
  • WebView menu items
  • More details here: New for v3.2.2
  • More details here: New for v3
  • More details here: New for v2


TextBar - Recipes [Contributions welcome!]


Release Notes


TextBar is limited by the available space in your MenuBar - which is dependent on screen resolution and the number of other items being displayed. If you find that you run out of MenuBar space, then MacBartender is a fantastic app to free some space.

Minimum System Requirements

Intel, 64-bit processor, macOS 10.10 or later.